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Fullarton House
22 Gordon Street, Glenelg
South Australia 5045
Ph +61 433399767

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Meet the team

Bill Hansberry

Bill’s background is in Primary School teaching and School Counselling.  These days, Bill is a director at Fullarton House, where he teaches and mentors students with learning difficulties. On the other days, Bill and his colleagues run training and support schools in the areas of specific learning disabilities, evidence-based teaching of literacy, literacy intervention, behaviour management and behaviour management.

Bill has authored and co-authored many international titles in the area of restorative practices and behaviour management in schools and parenting.

In the area of Literacy teaching and intervention, Bill is the co-developer of the Playberry Multisensory Literacy Program, which incorporates Playberry-Laser Tier 1-2 (co-developed with Linda Clune and Christie-Lee Hansberry and Playberry Tier 3 (co-developed with Alison Playford). Bill has also co-developed the Word Cracking suite of morphology resources with Sally Andrew and Michael Shanahan.

Bill is co-presenter of the widely popular Dyscastia podcast with Michael Shanahan.

Linda Clune

Linda is a registered teacher with over 25 years’ experience working with primary school aged children. She has a Bachelor of Education where her major fields of study were English and Special Education.

During her teaching career Linda has worked with a diverse range of students both in rural and city schools.

Linda has a passion for working with children and young adolescents with learning difficulties, particularly Dyslexia.

Linda is also a qualified Specialist Dyslexia Teacher who is trained in Structured Literacy approaches aligned to the Science of Reading.  She has worked with many South Australian Primary Schools to guide leaders and teachers to develop whole school Structured Literacy Programs specific to their individual needs.

Christie-Lee Hansberry

Christie-Lee works as a private specialist dyslexia teacher, mentor and tutor to students as well as a primary classroom teacher two days a week. Christie co-developed Playberry-Laser Tier 1-2 and works as a literacy coach in schools using Playberry-Laser. As well as having over two decades’ experience as a teacher, Christie-Lee has specialised and trained extensively in Structured Intensive Multisensory Intervention for students with reading difficulties. Christie-Lee applies this specialist knowledge to the classroom to benefit all her students. 

Christie-Lee is a trainer and practitioner in Restorative Practices and Circle Time and authored the popular title ‘How to Do Restorative Peer Mediation in your School’, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2018). Christie-Lee runs trainings for schools in how to train students as Restorative Peer Mediators (RPMs) and how to maintain a RPM program to enhance student agency and student voice. Christie-Lee believes that learners do better when teachers show genuine care and interest in them and is well respected among colleagues for her commitment to her students. This belief is demonstrated in Christie-Lee’s every interaction with young people.